How Do I Measure Before I Place My Order?

Feb 20th 2020

How Do I Measure Before I Place My Order?

These days, people tend to buy shades cheaply on the Internet.
On the one hand, there are many people who are worried about size measurements before purchasing items online.
Let’s find out how to measure a Springblinds item before you buy it.

To get started, first choose the window covering you are interested in.
When measuring to fit blinds or shades to your windows, it is important to remember a few key things.

Decide if you want an inside mount or an outside mount before you begin the measuring process.
A steel measuring tape is much more accurate than cloth measuring tape. 
Always measure to the nearest 1/8 inch. 
Don’t round to a half or whole inch. 
Be careful about transposing measurements. 
Be sure to always have width and height clearly marked. 
And remember: Always put your width measurement first, and height last (W x H).
Then read our Measuring Guide. 
We also offer video tutorials and on our youtube channel!