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About Springblinds

Why Choose Springblinds?

Springblinds is dedicated to providing our customers with superior-quality, contemporary window treatments. All of our products are hand-cut to your specifications allowing for maximum insulation, noise and sound protection, and privacy. You’re making an investment in your home every time you purchase our designer window treatments.

We make it easy to upgrade your home. Window treatments are the only home decor item that can be seen both inside the home and out. Based out of New Jersey, Springblinds is perfectly located to benefit the entire North American market. Whether you’re located in the United States, Mexico, or Canada, you can quickly give your house a makeover with our custom-made designs.

So, why us? What makes us stand apart from our competition? What makes Springblinds one of the best places to bring your ideas to life?

We care. We care about quality. We care about you. Springblinds makes long-lasting products that have a high visual impact inside and instantly bumps up your curb appeal.

Want to know more? Take a look at some of the reasons we’ve become one of the fastest growing companies for custom-made window treatments below.

Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our team of professionals is committed to producing a quality product each, and every time. From the selection of materials to custom-cutting your shades to precise specifications to shipping your order, our team cares about the most minute details. Your contemporary window treatments are manufactured and customized right here in the USA.

Top of the Line Products

Springblinds has a large selection of quality sourced materials made with top-end equipment. We choose the most modern fabrics to create our sought-after styles. We’re constantly updating our stock with new and exciting designer products. We have a wide range of innovative products that give you complete control over your view and privacy.