All You Need to Know about Outside Mount Shades

Sep 11th 2020

All You Need to Know about Outside Mount Shades
  • Depending on your needs, design, style, and other preferences, window blinds help: filter light, darken a room, insulate it, achieve absolute blackout inside, and give you privacy. Blind mounts improve the interior décor of any space, thus enhances aesthetic appearance. There are numerous design layouts you can choose to suit the function of the shades.

Window coverings can be mounted in two different ways:

  • Inside mount
  • Outside mount


As the name suggests, this is fitted outside the window molding on the wall. It can also be mounted on the ceiling above the windows. What you need are a few brackets to mount outside the frames where you’ll hang the blinds. Here are the reasons why outside mounts are suitable.

  1. When installed, they do notleave any gaps that may allow streaks of light in the room. They seal the tinniest of light gaps that outside mounted shade cannot.
  2. If you don’t like windows’ appearance because of blemishes and other faults, outside mounts can entirely conceal them. Your windows will be covered, look appealing, and appear bigger than their actual size.
  3. They have a better visual appeal than the inside mount.
  4. Outside mount does not require very accurate window dimensions.

When is Outside Mount Most Appropriate?

When is Outside Mount Most Appropriate?

In addition to these reasons, there are other instances where outside mount works better, and the only option you may have.

Consider the following while mounting an outside shade.

  • Covering a door 
    Doors have very shallow frame depth. There’s practically no space left for mount brackets. This makes it hard to install inside mount accurately.
  • A shallow window
    A window that is not deep cannot have inside blinds on them. This is because outside mount is not restricted to fit within window frames.
  • To cover window trim
    Fixing a new window could be the last thing on your to-buy-list. If your window isn’t appealing for any reason, outside mount will cover the frame and trim to hide the weakness you don’t want to see.
  • To achieve total blackout 
    When used with specific accessories, you can achieve a substantial level of darkness. If the window has enough overlap, the shade prevents light from seeping through.

Outside mounts are, therefore, ideal for guest rooms, media rooms, and hotel suites.

  1. Accurately measure the length and width of the window frame to the nearest 1/8th inches. The height should include the mounting bracket while the width includes the window moldings.

  2. Allow some inches to allow for mounting hardware. This addition should be on the height, so that the mounting is not too short once installed.

  3. If you are mounting the blinds on the window trim, ensure it is flat and fits the measurement required for an outside mount.

  4. Consider the overlap. How long an overlay do you need on either side of the window? You would be best if you balanced so that you extend the blinds by 3 inches on both sides to maintain a neat look and block light from penetrating through the window.