Ever Heard of Light Filtering Motorized Shades?

Aug 1st 2019

Ever Heard of Light Filtering Motorized Shades?

My heartfelt appreciation to Springblinds for my 
Ecotron Sheer Light Filtering Motorized Roller Shades

Now I can focus on designing my learning activities based on the Science of Happiness. Indeed, this is the season to be happier and lead a comfortable and simple life. I really thought my entire room would look pretty awesome by just covering my window with my favorite bed sheet, but my mom told me that my room looked like a lifeless movie world. She told me to purchase motorized shades so I can finish my learning modules.

 At first I was hesitant because I don’t want to hear noise, I had some issues with brightness, and most importantly, my ability to think and create some activities for my future learners depends on my mood. I am glad, however, that Ecotron Sheer Light Filtering Motorized Solar Shades is now my “filter”, mood-enhancer, and a part of my lifestyle. Silence is key whenever I think of learning activities that my learners would find enjoyable and relatable; hence, I am glad that my motorized shades gave me what I really needed. I don’t want to stand just to adjust my blinds most especially if my mind is working on its best. So I would consider its app that can control my shades remotely amazing and convenient at the same time. Indeed, that feature makes me smile. My mom suggested to choose white, because it looks clean, absorbs less heat, and she thinks it makes my room spacious. Well, although it is my room, I just followed her. “Mother knows best,” she quips. It is not easy to design learning materials for my students with varying readiness level and interests, but since my newly-painted room, and my new blinds complemented each other, I had already prepared all the outlines.

I am quite satisfied with this product because I don’t have to totally close my window. I can still enjoy seeing my mom in her garden. I can have natural fresh air, and enjoy Summer time. I used to be stressed hanging any drapes I could find just to adjust the brightness coming in on my room. But now it is easier for me to be more focused on my tasks, and be productive. I had no idea what roll type to choose, nor I had to think about mount type to consider, but I am just really lucky that when I contacted Springblinds, the one I talked to was really considerate and explained to me these necessary details and specifications.

Thank you, Springblinds, for adding some sheer of happiness to my room.

Happy Summer!