Somfy Motorized Shades with Amazon Alexa

Aug 7th 2019

Somfy Motorized Shades with Amazon Alexa

So, about a month ago, I was told by my boss to try to buy new shades for our office. Our windows faced eastward and the sunlight always blinded us in the morning. Our windows were pretty big and he wanted a perfect sized blind. He also wanted a remote controlled one because he sat across the room from the window.

Then, I stumbled upon Springblind’s 5% Openness Solar Motor Shades with both Amazon Alexa support and remote control on Amazon. I was worried about the size limitations of the shades due to our large window, but they were fully customizable and measured to be perfect. We decided to go for white colored shades to fit the overall color of our office. We could also decide on the kinds of mounts that we can install the shades on and went for the outmount.

When it finally arrived, it came with full instructions and only really needed a screwdriver to install the shades. I finished installing in about 10 minutes and was thrilled to see that it fit perfectly. It was simple to follow the instructions and was very organized.

The mylink app worked perfectly also. It rolled down the shades perfectly when we first arrive at 9 AM and went up during lunch time. My boss was also happy that it even worked from his desk across the room. It did not distract us when he rolled up the shades early as it made no sound whatsoever.

Overall, I recommend this motorized roller shade to whoever wants to block out the sunlight. Almost everything about it was customizable and you can easily control what your room will look like. The convenience of the remote also adds to the appeal. I already suggested Springblinds to my friends and they are already using it in their own homes. It really adds something to your workplace or any home.