Be Prepared for Blizzard Season

Feb 20th 2020

Be Prepared for Blizzard Season

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons with holiday lights everywhere you look.
The only downside, I would say, is the brutal cold.
Here are 3 tips on keeping warm during the holiday seasons—without doubling your heat bill:

"Draft Stoppers to insulate windows and doors"

Using Draft Stoppers is an old hack used to fill the gaps and cracks around doors and windows to help contain the heat within your home or room. They are very affordable and accessible, and you can even make your own as a fun DIY project!

"Caulk and Weatherstrip Windows"

Caulk fills in little cracks in windows, where the heat inside your home can escape and let in the cold winter breeze. To further insulate windows, Weatherstrips seals thin gaps at the rims of windows and doors. Both Caulk and Weatherstrips are very affordable and fairly easy to use!

"Cover Windows"

Filling cracks and gaps are very effective in insulating a home, but did you know windowpanes contribute heavily to losing heat from your home? Since windowpanes are not made of insulating material, the cold temperatures outside could seep into your home. Springblinds Honeycomb Blinds could be used to help insulation. The hexagon-shaped cells create air pockets that poses as a barrier between the outdoor cold and the indoor heat. The Springblinds Honeycomb Blinds come in 3 opacities, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and blackout, so you could still have natural light filter into your home if that is your preference!

The Holiday season is a time where quality time should be spent with loved ones. The last thing anyone would want to think about is high heat bills. These 3 tips will help save you from that hefty bill at the end of the year and maybe you could even treat yourself using the extra cash because you deserve it!