Tips For Choosing The Best Curtain Models

Mar 13th 2020

Tips For Choosing The Best Curtain Models

Many models of curtains are capable of making a real transformation in your home environments.
Dressing the windows,
controlling the brightness and ensuring the privacy of the atmosphere
at home or in the office are just the essential functions of curtains.

Check out infallible tips on curtain fabrics and accessories to inspire you.

1. Choose The Curtain Model According To Your Need

Before you start looking for specific models, it is essential to know what its role will be in the look of the room: ensuring privacy, controlling brightness or external noise, or just decorating the scene.

The choice of the ideal curtain model for the environment depends mostly on this information because only from that you can define the best fabrics, sizes and styles.

2. No Dark Fabrics For Windows With A Lot Of Sun Exposure

Avoid models of curtains with dark fabrics in the windows where the index of sunlight is intense because, in spite of spreading the light better, it retains heat and makes the room hot during day time. So the best choice is to go for silk, linen, twill or even in light-toned curtains.

3. The Charm And Sophistication Of Lightweight Fabrics

Bet on light fabrics to create current and eclectic compositions, widely used in environments with a classic, modern or stripped look.

The fabric, widely used today, slightly prevents the entry of natural light and gives an incredible charm to the decoration of the living room.

Silk, a noble fabric, is perfect for a classic and refined composition for any location, especially in the couple’s bedroom.

4. Will You Wash The Curtain At Home?

Choose curtain models made with 100% synthetic fabrics if the idea is to wash them at home, as natural materials should only be cleaned in specialized laundries.

5. For Fast And Uncomplicated Installations

The rod is the simplest option to install the curtain and combine it with any decoration, in addition to ensuring practicality when removing it, either for washing or replacing it with another model. Besides giving the final touch to the composition, ensure that the fabric does not come out of the bar.

6. The Special Touch Of Curtain Shawls

Fabrics with darker or intense tones tend to fade with sunlight, so check how it affects the window before installing the chosen curtain.

Curtain models with full-bodied or printed fabrics are more suitable to serve as shawls, as they do not compromise the composition or cause fatigue over time.

7. Fabric Of Neutral Colors For Freedom In Decoration

If your decoration is already defined or ready, opt for models of curtains made with materials of neutral colors to have more freedom and ease when setting them in scenarios with colorful elements.

Curtains with neutral colors, such as off-white, white, or beige are indicated in these cases, as they will not conflict with the decor of the environment, being in harmony with any style.

Lastly, it is vital to check out 
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