Springblinds’ Day & Night Dual Shades Is True To Its Promise: Maximum Versatility

Sep 9th 2019

Springblinds’ Day & Night Dual Shades Is True To Its Promise: Maximum Versatility

Last few weeks, I and my youngest sister argued a lot our about the color, design, and style about our curtain in our room. Perhaps our dad could not concentrate and enjoy reading his daily newspaper so he discussed about our dilemma to Mom.

What was even funnier is that our mom could not decide whether it is inside mount or outside mount, and she had no patience anything about measurement. Thus, my dad had to do everything then. While all of us were enjoying our favorite Netflix shows, we heard dad contacting Springblinds asking for suggestions to suit our individual styles and whims. Apparently, Dad was getting all the details he need to know and so we did not interfere.

Our room is now cozier and appears to be “more welcoming” as my eldest sister puts it. Also, we are thankful to our parents for giving us this cordless dual day night shades to ensure our privacy. We both love the colors. Taupe and white are just like us: cool and warm at the same time, but most importantly, openhearted. Last week, we were uncomfortable to stay on our bed because of so much brightness especially from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM, but that changed already. We can easily adjust the light coming in using the Somfy Mylink.

"Springblinds' Day & Night Dual Shades may get closer
to a harmonious solution

All of us helped our parents in installing our Day & Night Dual Shades. It only took us few minutes. We even had a groufie. We captioned our photo as “Best Window in Town” It was really fun and silly! Dad can now focus on his reading, except when our little brother tries to play with the remote. So my mom has to keep it out of his reach.

Another good thing about this product is how it ensures the safety of everyone especially for our youngest brother. Dad was right for opting for a motor control type one. He also added 2 myLink Smart Home Module, and Mom preferred for an Oval white bottom bar style because it is more elegant to look at. We just shrugged our shoulders. What is important to us is we are no longer irritable with the noise and light coming in.

It was just a small purchase, new window covering, nevertheless we are having a new sense of bonding together. I have never thought that windows in our room could be this important until we finished installing our new Day & Night Dual Shades.