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Roman Roller Shades

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Window shades that fold up in an accordion-like fashion and hang flat over a window are referred to as Roman shades. Roman shades are either made of woven wood or fabric. They’re easy to use and, depending on the weight of the material, can be very useful in keeping glare out of a room and insulation.

Roman shades function various lift options a continuous cord loop, or a standard cord lock, that pulls the fabric up and lowers it down and top down bottom up. When in the down position, the fabric can be hobbled, flat or in a waterfall formation. Thousands of options are available for the face fabric allowing the roman shades to coordinate with any design style you can come up with.

From classic flat roman shades to intricate shirred Austrian shades, Springblinds offers a variety of styles in an array of fabric options to suit your personal style and needs. Simple, yet sophisticated, fabric shades can complement and soften the clean, sleek lines of modern furnishings or enhance the plush, cozy feel of a more traditional interior. Roman Roller Shades present an assortment of stylish window coverings for almost any room. Whichever style and fabric you go for, you can be confident in making a dramatic statement for windows that need a tan or white backing on the outside or some color on the inside.

Easy to operate and expertly manufactured and designed, springblinds makes custom Soft Roman Shades for your home’s decor. Schedule your free in-home design consultation with one of our experienced design pros and see the impact that premium soft roman shades make on both your lifestyle and home.

Our Roman shades come in many styles. The most outmoded roman shades, folded roman shades, have well spaced overlapping folds. On the other hand, Roman Roller shades have soft overlapping folds.


  • Stylish Roman shades style - Flat, Classic, Hobbled, and Relaxed
  • Standard cord lock for easy adjusting; heavier fabrics might call for a loop control upgrade
  • You can add Somfy mylink - motorized roman shades
  • Handcrafted in the United States



Springblinds uses transparent, UV-stable spaces and rings, which eliminates the need for unsightly shroud tape. In addition, a child-safe tension device is used on all manually operated shades. All of our shades are compliant with the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products.


Springblinds utilizes a unique cord adjuster orb, so you can easily level and adjust the overall height of your shades.


In addition to using a true blackout lining (not dim out), our unique construction (on select styles) eliminates all pin-holes for a more effective room-darkening shade.


Springblinds shades are crafted to fall into a symmetrical stack with minimal to no dressing required.

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To get started, first choose the window covering you are interested in. When measuring to fit blinds or shades to your windows, it is important to remember a few key things. Decide if you want an inside mount or an outside mount before you begin the measuring process. A steel measuring tape is much more accurate than cloth measuring tape. Always measure to the nearest 1/8 inch. Don't round to a half or whole inch. Be careful about transposing measurements. Be sure to always have width and height clearly marked. And remember: always put your width measurement first, and height last (W x H). Then read our Measuring Guide.

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